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Overwhelmed? Don't Be! We Handle Everything From Start To Finish.

Treasure Coast Liquidator will walk you through the entire estate sale process and the procedures taken to conduct a successful sale during your free consultation (also see our process diagram below).

keeping our clients well informed throughout the process is key in making sure expectations are met. 

We handle it all, from small scale estate sales, downsizing, and relocation's ($7,000-$10,000 in value) to large scale ($50,000 and over in value). 

Treasure Coast Liquidator will come into your home to clean, sort, stage, research, price, appraise, photograph, market, advertise, and sell a minimum 80% of the estates sellable items.

There Are No Upfront Costs To You To Conduct The Sale.

You pay nothing up front. With a normal in-house estate sale, we pay the expenses for the entire sale out of our pocket and are reimbursed from the sale’s gross proceeds.  We work on commission only, our typical rate is 35% to 40% depending on the amount of prep time and scope of the sale.

Our fee is simple and based on the:

  • Challenge of project
  • Preparation time
  • Hours needed to research values
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Distance from our home office/fuel for each vehicle
  • Workers needed to complete the sale

Our Estate Sale Liquidation process is simple

Step 1: Free Consultation

Treasure Coast Liquidator offers Estate Sale, Consignment, Auction & Real Estate Services 772-200-0167

Call Treasure Coast Liquidator today

for your FREE  Consultation to ensure a customized plan for all your estate sale & liquidation needs.

Step 2: Schedule Sale

Schedule a time frame for estate sale with Treasure Coast Liquidator 772-200-0167

 When your time frame is scheduled, our team of professionals immediately set in motion all the steps and preparations necessary to conduct a successful sale.

Step 3: Secure Personal Items

Treasure Coast Liquidator offers Estate Sale Consignment Auction & Real Estate Services 772-200-0167

Remove or properly secure personal items, gather together all financial records and/or other personal papers, photos, documents and heirlooms.

Step 4: Appraisals

Treasure Coast Liquidator offers Appraisals for Estate Sale and consignment items 772-200-0167

Our GIA Certified Appraiser of fine jewelry, diamonds & gemstones will determine item values based on current fair market value, in addition to comparable sales.

Appraisals also include Fine Art and China.

Step 5: Pricing

Treasure Coast Liquidator offers fair market value on Estate Sale and Consignment items 772-200-0167

Pricing and evaluating an estate sale is very important, it's an art form. It’s important to understand “fair current market value” based on age, condition and what the market will bear.

Step 6: Staging

Treasure Coast Liquidator offers staging of Estate Sale and Consignment items 772-200-0167

Staging is also very important. Getting customers to see your product is the first and most important step to maximize visibility and profitability. All staging equipment is provided by us (Display cases, shelves, tables, tents, etc…) 

Step 7: Photographs

Treasure Coast Liquidator photographs Estate Sale and Consignment items 772-200-0167

Photos are a pictorial reference to document and catalog a home’s contents and to use for the advertising and marketing campaign. Remember, photos speak louder than words

Step 8: Advertise & Marketing

Treasure Coast Liquidator advertises Estate Sale and Consignment items 772-200-0167

We utilize top marketing strategies and technologies such as social media and niche sites, as well as our Global Network of Buyers thru our email lists and company signage.

Step 9: Conducting The Sale

Treasure Coast Liquidator Conducts the Estate Sale

Once properly advertised, staged and priced, we will open the doors to the public. Sales typically operate from 8 am - 4 pm, Friday - Sunday. Sale duration will be discussed during phase one.

Step 10: Donate

Treasure Coast Liquidator donates to local charities 772-200-0167

If you choose, after the sale Items not sold can be designated for the charity of your choice will be boxed up and arrangements will be made for pick up.

Step 11: Clean-Outs/Trash Removal

Treasure Coast Liquidator provides a clean-out service

Our services are used by landlords, attorneys, banks & homeowners who need to dispose of unwanted items before putting home on the market.

Step 12: Settlement

Treasure Coast Liquidator settles estate sale proceeds within 24-hrs 772-200-0167

Sales proceeds, less our commission, and a complete inventory of the items sold (itemized for all items sold for $30 or more) will be provided & disbursed within 24 hours of the sale.

Real Estate Services at the Highest Level

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Now Offering A World Class Real Estate Service

 Treasure Coast Liquidator continually strives to improve our services and to offer our clients the convenience of having their needs met in just "one stop". Therefore, to better serve our esteem clients needs, we are now offering a World Class Real Estate Service to Market and Sell the home Thru Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices. 

This new service will allow us to cover everything from the beginning (The Estate Sale) to the end (Sale of the Home) making us your one stop source.

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 Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to assist you with achieving your real estate goals. 

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